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Inspirational Quotes: Love Quotes - Randomly Refreshing - What You Focus On Attracts!

There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.
- Fredriche Nietzche
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This page draws from our huge database of thousands of randomly refreshing inspirational and motivational Love quotes and advice by famous lovers, teachers, poets and philosophers throughout history to the present. If you want to create, attract or strengthen a quality or ability in your life, surround yourself with the thoughts, words and attitudes of accomplished people and that new vibration will imprint into your consciousness - which WILL change your reality.

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Love and Relationship News and Articles

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'XL Love' Examines the Private Complications of Obesity in Americans ...
New York Times
The physiology of obesity may also derail sexual relationships. Diabetes and heart disease may disrupt blood flow to the genitals and interfere with performance. All that circulating estrogen may disarrange women's menstrual cycles and inhibit men's ...

The 10 Biggest Mistakes Couples Make in Relationships
This is also how you can keep your love alive and vibrant at the same time. You can focus on what a lazy, forgetful, good-for-nothing partner you have or you can see them as a wonderful and loving partner who occasionally overlooks a request when they ...
The Biggest Mistakes Every Couple MakesLatina

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12 Movies That Will Make You Thankful For Your Relationship
It's Thanksgiving. A day to be thankful for everything that you have. A day to appreciate the people in your life. If you are currently mad at your spouse just remember that life could be a whole lot worse and you could be in a relationship that is way ...

Business Insider

In The Future, Everything We Think We Know About Relationships Could ...
Business Insider
Another professor The Verge spoke with, NYU's Gary Marcus, says relationships with AI could start as simply as the way humans love their pets — they don't fall in love with pets, but they appreciate them and mourn them when they're gone. As AI ...

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Hollywood Life

Val Chmerkovskiy Wants To Build Relationship With Janel Parrish After 'DWTS'
Hollywood Life
Alfonso Ribeiro also confirmed their relationship earlier in the episode. “Janel's strongest suite is the fact that she's got a great connection with Val. Their chemistry based off real life comes to that dance floor, so it's a hard one to beat,” he ...

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