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Inspirational Quotes: Love Quotes - Randomly Refreshing - What You Focus On Attracts!

The magic of first love is our ignorance that it can ever end.
- Benjamin Disraeli
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This page draws from our huge database of thousands of randomly refreshing inspirational and motivational Love quotes and advice by famous lovers, teachers, poets and philosophers throughout history to the present. If you want to create, attract or strengthen a quality or ability in your life, surround yourself with the thoughts, words and attitudes of accomplished people and that new vibration will imprint into your consciousness - which WILL change your reality.

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Love and Relationship News and Articles

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Credit scores could be a sign of a committed relationship
The Independent
At the time of forming a committed relationship, the average credit score for individuals was 660. Although this was 20 points lower than the overall average, researchers said it was likely to reflect “the younger-than-average age of those forming ...
The one number that's eerily good at predicting your success in loveWashington Post (blog)
Do People With High Credit Scores Have Better Relationships? News (blog)
Your Credit Score May Predict The Sucess Of Your Long-Term Relationship, New ...Bustle
TIME -The Globe and Mail
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Lifehacker Australia

How The Five 'Love Languages' Can Help You Win At Relationships
Lifehacker Australia
That's sort of the idea behind the concept of love languages: they let you in on what makes your partner tick. The idea is: we all express and feel love differently, and understanding those differences can seriously help your relationship. In fact, it ...

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Huffington Post

For The Love of Sex (and Relationships)
Huffington Post
It's become so daunting in today's society to be someone who expresses himself in multiple ways. It seems that we are either meant to strictly be a wholesome boy next door, or a raging sex fiend. The "Madonna" or the "whore" if you will. I don't know ...

International Business Times

What your credit score says about your love life
A trio of economists parsed data from the Fed's consumer credit panel to identify the credit scores of couples in committed relationships. People tend to form committed relationships with people whose credit scores are in the same range, the study found.
It's Official: Credit Scores Can Predict Relationship SuccessInternational Business Times

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New Rules for Dating, Relationships, and Finding Love on Your Own Terms
Siggy has matched more than a thousand couples and found her own second chance at love, so she knows finding a prince is no picnic. In her book, ” WRITE YOUR OWN FAIRY TALE: The New Rules for Dating, Relationships, and Finding Love On Your Own ...

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